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Medicare Supplement Advisory

When you use Aetna Medicare Supplement insurance to supplement your regular health insurance, you have the right to receive advice and support from a Medicare Beneficiary Advisor (MA). These advisors are licensed and trained in assisting people such as you with a wide range of issues related to Medicare coverage. The Benefits and Services Division of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services maintains a comprehensive list of Medicare Supplement Insurance Advisors by state.A Medicare Supplement Advisor is an expert in handling these important issues. He/she can guide you through the various questions and difficulties you may be experiencing with your current Medicare coverage.

You will find out if you qualify for a special benefit known as “Home Health Insurance.” It helps you pay the hospital costs of stay in your home. This is also helpful in paying for nursing home costs.If you have a private group health plan, your Supplemental Insurance is known as Medigap. This is the type of insurance that provides coverage for procedures you can’t afford to pay for medically, or for treatment that’s not covered by your regular health insurance. For example, if you are diabetic, your insurance won’t cover certain items and procedures, so you need to find an alternate kind of coverage.

The old term for Medicare Advantage Plans is Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO). Medicare Advantage Plans is different from PPOs in that they offer a variety of benefits and are better suited for you and your family. For example, Medicare Advantage Plans may include a low-cost supplemental prescription drug plan.If you’re pregnant, the benefits you receive under your Medicare Supplement plan will also depend on your pregnancy, so you will need to contact your doctor and ask for more information on your coverage. You will find that coverage may vary depending on your situation. The Medicare Advantage Program (MAP) offers different benefits that are exclusive to Medicare Advantage Plans. Some plans offer coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, while others don’t. Some are offered on a fee-for-service basis, where you pay a fixed monthly premium for specific services, and others are managed care plans, where the benefits are based on the amount of care that’s provided.

The Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans is not affected by recent changes made to the Medicare program. Some providers of Advantage Plans have set up business to be able to offer the new benefits without incurring the changes to the program. Other providers are not accepting new Medicare Advantage Plan clients at this time.It is very important that you know what kind of benefits you are receiving when you choose your Medicare Supplement plan. A great place to start is in-person with a health professional, so that you know what services are covered and what are not. Medicare Supplement policies do have many features and advantages. One important feature is that some of the benefits are tax-deductible.

Medicare Supplement policies also tend to cover preventive care in addition to the coverage that is required by the government. The Medicare Advantage plans offer services such as a special dental plan that has coverage for fillings, x-rays, and preventative care. Sometimes these services are offered at no cost.These plans can also help to cover certain comprehensive medical tests such as colonoscopies, MRI’s, and even certain treatments of HIV and cancer. In addition, the doctor networks are often dependent on the type of plan you choose.